The Li XingXing Incident
“ 李 星 星 事 件 ” 纪 念 网


           The Li XingXing Incident (a.k.a. Bao Yuming Case), a remarkable event in China's legal history, is an unprecedented cyberbullying triggered by viciously false charge and overwhelming fake news in China ulteriorly against US citizen. Similar to the Danish drama film The Hunt, Ms. Han TingTing fabricated a miserable fiction to wrongfully accuse Mr. Bao Yuming and madly spread online, notoriously known as “rape minor daughter.” The Chinese media South Reviews gave her a nick name Li XingXing and made an explosive news by copying and polishing her fake story without any verification. The abusive Chinese Me-Too movement took her as a model trying to influence justice by media, meanwhile a massive number of media, celebrities, professionals and influential bloggers scrambled to exaggerate and sensationalize to gain popularity. Outrageous rumors, such as Mr. Bao being an American sent by the US government to bully the Chinese, exuberantly sprang up to falsely portray him as an evil, as a result millions of furious Chinese people took all extreme measures to insult, curse, intimidate and human flesh search him.
           Mr. Bao was eventually cleared by the top Chinese authority following harsh and prolonged investigation finding no rape, no minor and no daughter. However, over the heat of unleashed and distorted chaos coupled with the deteriorated US-China bilateral relation, to appease the hysterical mass, derogate Americans and hinder him from personally upholding his rights in China, he was ruthlessly deported under the unrelated pretext of maintaining Chinese law license after becoming US citizen, although his license had lawfully renewed after submission of US passport, so he has to separate with his over 80 year old parents probably for life, interrupt his successful career and suspend his doctoral study. Whilst Mr. Bao, the victim of this brutal cyberbullying, received such overharsh and groundless punishment, none of the mob including Ms. Han has been penalized or condemned in anyway despite of his repeated complaints.
           As thousands of people petitioned to the US government to punish Mr. Bao during the cyberbullying, this matter also drew attention of the US government and an investigation on the alleged professional misconducts was carried out after he returned and reopened his law office in the US. Such investigation was completed after eight months with the conclusion that this matter does not warrant further action therefore is closed. Even though he is cleared in both countries, his trauma continues, as particularly in China to cover up the bullying, the mob still defames and humiliates him freely while dissenting voice is suppressed and deleted including shutdown of his popular blog.
           This website is dedicated to present the entire LiXingXing Incident with substantial details and evidences to restore the truth. This incident is not only about a deteriorated love and shocking aftermath, but also a historical event about China’s justice, media, internet, politics and diplomacy, as well as the US-China relation.